Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009, Feb. Second Floor Posts and Beams. Roofs go up.

With spring 2009 around the corner, the house is making progress. Posts and beams are up on the second floor, a couple of roofs are on and we hope to begin placing stone by mid-late March. Here are some shots showing recent progress. Most of the lumber is certified as sustainably harvested.

After the floor joists were put in, the second floor posts went up.

Guest room roof goes on, with 2nd floor posts showing. The roof will be a green roof... later.

Curves require that each joist is a different length.

The 12X14 inch oak beam over the master bedroom. It is a beauty! A radial roof will go above.

The roof begins on the western end. This will be a green roof.

Second floor beams go up!

Second floor roof goes up!