Friday, March 9, 2012

2011, Solar Hot Water Panels go up

Marshall prepares the roof for panels

Marshall builds a frame so we can lift the panels
(soldered together at this point) using a crane. Each panel weighs about 125 pounds.

Plastic template allows us to figure where to drill to attach the bolts to roof joists.

Meanwhile, in the basement the 80 gallon heat exchanger is installed.
Note that the tanks are lifted off the floor, on insulated stands, keeping the water warmer.
Altogether we'll have 110 gallons of hot water storage.

Scot solders copper pipe in the basement.

Crane day arrives. "Should the roof be tilted like that?"
Note the straps are off center to have the panels tilt rather than lie flat as they go up.

We have soldered fittings, ready to attach to the panels.

The crane lifts the panels effortlessly. Note the nice tilt!

Getting the panels fairly close to where we want them.

Marshall almost ready to bolt them down.

Marshall attaching the bottom four bolts.

Marshall and Scot attaching the top four bolts.

The crane departs!

And they're up.

Panels on the roof.