Monday, August 10, 2009

2009, June and July:
Straw Bale and Lime Plaster

In June, 2009 the straw bales arrived. Then in June and July we had a number of work weekends in which many people came to help.... as well as to learn some straw bale techniques.

In mid-June, the 660 straw bales arrived.

Sigi demonstrates how to bevel a straw bale.

The first row of the living room arch goes up.

The second row of the living room arch goes up.

The third row goes up and the arch is secure!

Here are the workers around the finished arch!

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, there is discussion about the curved wall.

Work on the curved wall begins.

The curved wall as seen from the outside.

Todra, Jay and Denali get ready to lay the 4th course.

Two days hard work and most of the curve is done.

A couple weeks later it is done.... awaiting windows.

Paul and Paola work on a side wall that adjoins the bedroom curve.

Folks work on the back (stairwell) wall.

The living room walls around the arch are nearly done.
They await a 4X5 foot window.

Friends come to help us plaster a wall with lime plaster.

Applying lime plaster to the barrel roof....

... wasn't all work.