Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer 2012. Guest room floor, cordwood.

In late spring we started the earthen floor in the guest room.  We started with about 5 inches of gravel.  We leveled that carefully, then added 3 inches of rigid insulation (to keep the cold ground from bleeding into the room.)  On top of that, we added another 4 inches of sand, carefully leveling that as well.  There will be three layers of clay/sand mix that will constitute the actual floor.  The floor will be hardened by applying coats of linseed oil.

Rigid insulation installed and leveled.

Sand going over the insulation....

The sand is leveled.  
plywood is there to allow me to work on the sand without making deep footprints.

One and a half inches of clay, laid down on the sand layer.  Further layers to come.

Once the floor hardened
(about six weeks of drying time)
 we put up the final small cordwood wall.  We had some help from Alexor and Joelle.  Here are a few shots of he work.  The bright blue you see in the photos is tape to protect the bottle ends while we put them in the wall.

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